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World-famous march composer Julius Fucik was born in Prague in 1872. He was an authentic and versatile Bohemian musician.

He attended the conservatory in his hometown and studied violin and bassoon. In 1891 he had composing lessons with Antonín Dovrak.
Fucik played bassoon in several symphony and theater orchestras. As common in Austria of that time, he had to prove himself in a military band, too. Fucik played in the Lower Austrian infantry regiment 84 under the direction of Josef Franz Wagner (composer of "Under the Double Eagle") in Krems and later Karl Komzák in Vienna.
Julius Fucik himself also conducted military bands, such as the infantry regiment 86, stationed in Sarajevo, when he took over the band in 1897; it was redeployed to Budapest in 1900.

During those years, Fucik was also very active as a composer, he wrote one of his most famous marches „Entry of the Gladiators“.

From 1910 until 1913 he conducted the military band of the infantry regiment 92 in Terezienstadt before he went to Berlin, where he married, founded both an orchestra and a publishing company ("Tempo-Verlag").

Three years later he died at the age of only 44.

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